Alumni Speak

Ridhima Malhan

Class of 2017-18

For me Cambridge wasn’t just a mere institution but a temple of learning, it wasn’t just about passing or failing but prospering and preparing for life and it was not at all about competing or clashing but about challenging and engaging. Reminiscing my metamorphic journey of nine years in Cambridge, makes me realise, how meticulously it has carved a daring and confident Ridhima and assisted me to believe in myself during the most pivotal stage of my life. It has helped me to realise my dream of pursuing a career in Banking and Finance in the city of finance itself - Frankfurt. Not only me, but Cambridge encouraged many others to dream and instilled the courage to dare and do!

Thank you!
Love and regards

Arnav Dada

Class of 2016-17

Cambridge schools are the temples of learning and we LOVE them from our hearts. Indeed true. Cambridge has played a huge role in making me the person I am today. This school or I’d rather say MY school has taught me a lot.

It all started when I joined Cambridge 11 years ago. A shy, scared introvert named Arnav walked into grade 4 A. I still remember how all the teachers used to encourage me to talk to everyone and make friends. I did end up transforming into an extrovert from a book worm though. Thanks to the teachers. I loved how the teachers used to encourage me to take part in school events, debates and other competitions. These events were seriously nerve wrecking for me. I was a really nervous kid. But gradually I got used to speaking with confidence which is a quality people appreciate about me today thanks to my participation in various competitions. CIS also taught me how to be a good leader. Being elected as the Head Boy of the school for the 2016-17 session was huge for me. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take up the responsibility of a whole school but the teachers had confidence in me, especially Roopinder Mam. She was the person who always believed in me, kept on encouraging me and correcting me whenever I was wrong. I wouldn’t have been the person I am today without her. Also, it is because of her and CIS that I got into Simon Fraser University, one of the best universities in the world. My school has taught me to work hard and work smart which is exactly what is helping me get good grades at SFU, as it did in Grade 10 and 12. Whatever I am today and whatever I will be in the future, a major part of it will be because of my school and my teachers. Dream, Dare, Do has been my motto.

My school gave me music or I’d rather say made me fall in love with it. The teachers here discovered my ability in music and encouraged me to sing. People really appreciated my first shot at singing and still do so whenever I post a video or perform somewhere. I still remember how all the music teachers used to work so hard preparing our rock band (The V5) for performances. Winning the 2nd position at the Youth festival (Fusion 2015) in Ludhiana was a big achievement for us. I can never forget that Ludhiana trip. Those were one of the best 3 days of my life. I can proudly say that today because of the way my school supported my passion, I can write, compose and sing songs of my own. It makes me feel worth something. Thank you CIS for seeing the musical side of me.

Cambridge also gave me my bestest friends for life or the so called ‘THOTHA squad’. The name’s fun isn’t it? So are we! And by “we” I mean Me, Arsh, Tanvi, Ridhima, Anandita, Swaraj, Sukkant, Shivang, Nav and Vishavjeet. It’s hard for me to explain how much fun we’ve had all these years. From school parties to night outs, events in school to school carnivals, we’ve done so much together. I can never forget how much fun we used to have during the farewell preparation sessions. No doubt we used to work but we used to make work so much fun. We used to fight a lot too but then make it up to each other right away. How can I forget all those amazing school trips with them? Dalhousie, Shimla, Wonderland and what not. Every time I think of those days I immediately have tears in my eyes. I start missing school and friends so much. Those days were magical. The Thotha squad has a special place in my heart. I love you Thotha squad.

I can never forget grade 10. We weren’t just a class, we were a family. I will never forget how my friends used to pick my guitar up and sing random chamkila songs and strum the guitar without even knowing what they were doing. The whole class used to start laughing and singing along. I can never forget how we used to play cricket in the back of the class with a notebook and a ball of foil. I can never forget how we used to fight over each other’s Tiffin. I can never forget Roopinder mam’s pet dialogues. “Arnav you’re gonna get a good one from me”, “I’m a sadist”, “One fine day.....”, “I am horribbleeeeeee”. CIS has given me SO MANY memories to cherish all my life. Every time I think about school I legit have tears in my eyes. Those 15-20 minutes when I look at our pictures and videos in school are honestly the best 15 minutes. School was just amazing. It couldn’t have been better. From academics to socials to friends to events, my school was just amazing. CIS has always been so close to my heart and will always remain so.

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